The Good Remedy Blog is back

It’s been a little while since we’ve written on here. We hope that everyone out there is doing okay in all this chaos. We have to admit that one of the reasons we’ve been so quiet is because we’ve been focusing on making sure our and our loved one’s mental wellbeing is maintained. 

We were, of course, still working away on all things Good Remedy, ensuring that we have the right range of high-quality products for all our new and existing followers! We pay close attention and at the end of 2020, after listening to your feedback, we revealed our CBD Gummies would be returning, but this time with a twist. Instead of just the one flavour, in every pouch, you’ll now find an assortment of delicious flavours; strawberry, raspberry, mango and lemon & lime. They’re still vegan, still made with the highest quality ingredients, and still the same 10mg dose of pure cannabinoids in every mouthful. Yum!

While we beaver away in the background on potential new bits for all of you, we’re going to start using the blog a little more often and we wanted to use this one to reintroduce ourselves to our new followers (because there’s loads of you now) and to lay out what you can expect from us for the rest of the year.


Good Remedy is an independent business set up and run by Damian Routley alongside a core team of individuals passionate about the positive impact of CBD and who are determined to spread this message to the wider world.


Good Remedy started when Damian was suffering for a period with anxiety and stress, working in a high-pressure environment, and struggling to find clarity of vision in his life. Having been recommended CBD as an aid to all things stress, he went on a journey of discovery into the world of CBD and the positive impacts it can have, on both physical and mental health. Along this journey, he met like-minded individuals and Good Remedy was born. We truly hope our products help you on a similar journey.


Our aim at Good Remedy has also been for our products, be that our range of oils or our delicious gummies, to integrate into our user’s busy and creative lifestyles as a daily solution to help you reconnect with yourself. That’s also what our blog sets out to do; to share tips, tricks, and news of how to integrate our range into your day-to-day and the benefits this can bring. April is Stress Awareness Month so expect a focus on how our range can alleviate stress and tension in your life. 

If all of the above sounds good to you, then we’re glad you joined us, and we look forward to speaking to you over the coming months. Until the next post, stay safe and stay present.