Good Remedy

CALM CBD OIL 750mg 7.5% (10ML)


Good Remedy's CBD Oil is a highly concentrated formula which contains 750mg (7.5%) pure cannabinoids. The oil has been extracted only from the tops of the fresh hemp plants grown in the pure mountains of Colorado, USA ensuring absolute purity and total effectiveness, and then mixed with coconut (MCT) oil. In addition to the high CBD content, the oil also contains CBG, CBC, and hemp terpenes.

CBD (Cannabidiol) Full plant extract, Coconut (MCT) oil.

Contains CBD, CBC, Terpenes.

Bottle size: 10ml Approx 200 drops

Each drop contains approx 3.75mg CBD

This product contains ZERO THC. 

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19 Mar 2020
Elliot J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Sleepin like a baby

Branding is awesome. Product is awesome. Has helped me overcome sleepless nights due to anxious moments

29 Feb 2020
Ruth O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Improved sleep.

Improved the quality of my sleep immediately! Delighted with the quality. Would recommend.

13 Feb 2020
Alessia J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Life Changing!

I have suffered with anxiety for a while now and it is especially bad in the evenings. The calm CBD oil has really helped calm my thoughts before bedtime. For the the first week or 2 i was taking every evening and now i have reduced to every few days. I coupled this up with bedtime meditation and i think i have seen such an improvement. Highly recommended!

12 Feb 2020
Alison J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Mum hasn’t felt this good in years!

I bought this for my Mum as a Christmas present just to give it a try as I had heard good things. But we are amazed by the effects. Despite suffering arthritis, she says she’s hardly suffered any aches and pains since using the Calm CBD Oil except some remaining in her back. We’re planning to try the stronger Mend version to see if it will tackle the but of remaining discomfort that suffers. Overall she says that she hasn’t felt this good in years! Very happy with the product and service.

07 Jan 2020
Excellent product

I have started using this recently and have definitely felt a calming affect. I will continue to use this product during busy and stressful times.

20 May 2019
Would recommend!

I have had such restful nights since I got this oil. Thank you! X

08 May 2021
Laura E.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
This is awesome

I’ve been using Calm before bed, for the last two months and the oil is AMAZING. I take anywhere from 2-4 drops about half an hour before bed, and I end up having a solid nights sleep. To echo other reviews on here, you literally sleep like a baby. On the nights I do not take the oil, I notice a decrease in the quality of sleep that I have. This oil has been a god-send for helping me switch off from stress, it has helped me stop dreaming about work, and has contributed to me waking refreshed, feeling rested and ready to face another day of all things LIFE. Highly recommend, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ❤️

31 Dec 2020
A Good Remedy Customer
Nick A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Incredible brand

Super-speedy delivery. Beautiful and thoughtful packaging with all the details. All round great experience from order through to arrival of products. The products themselves does exactly what they say on the tin. Highly recommended!

Good Remedy CALM CBD OIL 750mg 7.5% (10ML) ReviewGood Remedy CALM CBD OIL 750mg 7.5% (10ML) ReviewGood Remedy CALM CBD OIL 750mg 7.5% (10ML) Review
14 Dec 2020
Vanessa M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
First time CBD user

A friend suggested I try CBD to calm my anxiety. I find that it has helped but a build up is required- a couple one off drops haven’t done much. For the past couple weeks, I have stuck to a morning and evening regime of three to five drops each time. Generally feel calmer and it’s allowed my mind to unwind in the evening before bed. Unfortunately, this means that I will run out faster than I had anticipated! Packaging looks great, taste is minimal, child proof lock could be improved upon somewhat as I sometimes struggle to open it (as a grown adult). All In all, happy with this purchase!

04 Dec 2020
Vicki B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Sleep at last

I was really struggling with we waking up with anxiety about work and life and being awake for hours. Since taking 4 drops a night of calm it has been so much better. I still occasionally wake up but I don't have the anxiety and I fall back to sleep quickly. It's made such a difference to how I feel in the day. Would definitely recommend and will be re ordering.

31 Oct 2020
Amelia R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Helps me sleep

I have a few drops before bed if I’m feeling anxious and it always helps me sleep

18 Jun 2020
Joe B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Best CBD I’ve found!!

I use CBD oil to help me relax in the evenings and get to sleep mainly. I’ve tried a few brands but this is by far the best! Tastes great and not chemically, good price, and you can tell it is good quality. The gummies are great too, like eating sweets! Thanks! :)

27 May 2020
Roya Z.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
So far really helpful for managing anxiety

I wanted to give this a bit of time before I reviewed to make sure the effects were long lasting. I've been using this product for around 2 weeks now, taking a few drops each morning (I experimented between morning/evening/both and settled on this). So far the results have been really impressive. I feel a lot more able to manage my symptoms, and a lot happier in general (even if that is a placebo I will take it!). Also a point on taste - I have tested a few different CBD oils before and this one is by far the most palatable. Whilst it still has a slight 'earthy' taste, it generally tastes fine and I have found I don't need to wash this down with anything (which I have had to for other brands). Providing these results keep up, I will be a regular customer from now on. P.S. make sure you research/experiment with your dosage to get the best one to suit you!

04 May 2020
A Good Remedy Customer
Millie C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I am in love

Everything about this brand is truly wonderful. I love the packaging also the product is perfect for me, I am a buisness professional and this truly does keep me clam.

Good Remedy CALM CBD OIL 750mg 7.5% (10ML) Review
26 Nov 2019
Jeff J.
Nice clean flavour and calming

This oil really helped me calm. Its got a nice clean flavour, not at all hempy or funky. So it's easy to leave sitting under my tongue. As my afternoon got hectic, I found a few drops of this really helped me stay calm.