I started Good Remedy because I found CBD to be a great aid to my anxiety and stress. I found that it helped me become calmer, and in doing so, it allowed me to rebalance all aspects of my life. For the past 10 years I had been working in a high pressure environment. My life was a constant race to put out fires, always worried about what would come next. I was never really present.

When I found CBD helped me manage these feelings, I became a passionate advocate and believer in the power of medicinal cannabis. My subsequent journey of discovery introduced me to patients who were voluntarily using a variety of CBD products to help alleviate the side effects of several health conditions. The more I investigated, the more encouraging stories I found. It was at this point that I decided to spread the word that medicinal cannabis can be a positive choice for people’s health regardless of whether they’re taking it to manage a particular condition, or just as a way to better deal with modern life.

In short, the benefits of CBD made me a better, more present me, and now I can only hope that Good Remedy can help you be a better you.